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  • Do we do production runs and is there a minimum?
    We do not have a minimum order quantity, but we do have a maximum. Depending on the style and the complexity involved, we will advise you on maximum quantities on a style by style basis. If we feel that we cannot accommodate your order, we will recommend a number of UK factories that we know will do an amazing job.
  • Can you assist me with design?
    Yes! We can help you with the design and development of your garments or accessories. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss your options.
  • Can you help me with my pattern?
    Yes! Of course! It's what we do. We have very experienced pattern cutters and machinists in the Sampling Studio, who would be happy to help you develop your designs. You can even work with us and learn as we go!
  • How much will I be charged?
    Please contact us for pricing. We have invested in a Galaxius management information system, which means our costings are broken down by time per operation, so that you can see exactly what you pay for. Our costings are open and transparent.​ We offer the following services: Tech packs Pattern cutting Single sampling Manual and digital grading Small production runs Design services
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