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If you’re as keen as we are at Makers HQ to move forward from the unsustainable ‘fast-fashion’ industry and encourage the growth of eco-friendly businesses, that are not only kind to the planet but kind to the garments’ hard-working creators, then this is definitely worth a read.

Unfortunately, eco-friendly brands are not always common knowledge due to the competition from larger legacy retailers. As addressed in our previous blog post - Say No To Fast Fashion - we should focus on how world-wide brands such as Boohoo and Missguided fall into the concept of ‘fast-fashion’ - a term that refers to the speed in which fashion moves from the catwalk to retailers typically involving cheaply produced and under-waged garment manufacturing, as well as the rapidity in which consumers purchase an item to then throw it away due to the frequent rush of new incoming trends. As a result of this, an astonishing 20% of landfill is clothing.

However, hope is not lost. Due to the arising environmental issues and the concerns over the future of our planet, more and more of us are taking action to make positive changes in our lifestyles. With recent hot topics such as the backlash on plastic straws and ocean waste and the devastating destruction of the Amazon rainforest, larger consumer brands are consequently being put in the spotlight for any unethical issues. More of us want to take a step back from unsustainable consumerism tendencies and produce eco-friendly alternatives which we are willing to invest more time and only an extra bit of money into. 

Due to the nature of the contemporary society and economic climate, we do generally want to give our banks a bit more tlc than we would have done in the previous decades. This means that fast-fashion, such as the ridiculously low-priced and low-quality dupes for high-end clothing sadly comes across as the ideal alternative for consumers. Understandably, it’s not necessarily easy knowing where to start when it comes to creating an eco-friendly wardrobe, often due to the common perception that products along the sustainable, fair trade line are often slightly more expensive. But that is not actually the case - you just need to know where to look and understand why prices can be slightly more than some global retailers. Firstly, if you consider the time and care it takes to craft a garment with all its individual components, including the quality and production of its eco-friendly materials, and then secondly the creators who are earning to provide for themselves, their families or others with a stable income, lifestyle and education, surely we should want to support this? Think of it like this: it’s the same concept as when you choose to smile at someone, they would usually want to smile back. To start a positive movement we will receive positivity. If we share our passion to encourage and maintain a sustainable fashion industry alongside the environment and economy, other brands and consumers are likely to want to follow and grow with us.

As highlighted in an article by Euro News - 5 sustainable fashion brands that won’t break the bank - the brands Know The Origin, Thought Clothing, Girlfriend Collective, The Cotton Story and Hide The Label are all well-priced, are all viable brand options that still provide us with that creative and innovative chicness we seek when clothes shopping, but are ethically sustainable. So next time you’re about to buy that cheap top, take a step back and consider the consequences. Be a part of the movement for positive change, for our planet and the creators. Why not check out these lesser-known businesses, as well as those local eco-friendly in your area, and join our mission towards building a sustainable fashion industry.

Article written By Ellie Eveleigh for Makers HQ

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