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K350: for added fun I just attached the keyboard to a Macbook and it worked perfectly odd I have a HP g62 which works very nicely in Ubuntu TheTrueGuru: You just attached the keyboard to the mac? TheTrueGuru: How? Was it like....just plug it in? Just plug it in, give it a second to boot, go into system settings, select it from the list, done what's the difference between reisub and power off? I do the same thing every time I install ar: one uses the keyboard to press the buttons that actually do the poweroff ar: you can't use the keyboard to use the power buttons you are meant to do it in software ar: the other one uses a totally different set of keycods to hold the power button down for longer The power button is a button on the keyboard too Dr_Willis: it works for both but why? Reisub is to reboot the computer from the grub menu I think hi all, when i am listening to a online streaming radio station the firefox, when it tries to stream a video, wants to download it again can someone please help me with that? if I'm not mistaken. It doesn't actually "reboot" but rather just forces it to start from the grub menu DarsVaeda: I have that problem. ar: one just sends a key to tell the pc to reboot.. the other sends a key that holds the power down for a longer period of time. DarsVaeda: Download the latest flash TheTrueGuru, what is it then? DarsVaeda: I do know that sometimes it takes a few reboots DarsVaeda: the




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Autodata 3.38 No Cd Crack quefion
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